4 in 1 Mop Head


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18″ Closed foam squeegee with affixed Angle adapter. Used for Washing, Dusting, Waxing, and Drying.

Assorted pads and Poles sold separately.

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Our 4 in 1 mop head with an affixed angle adapter can move water quickly. The angle adapter can pivot 270° to reach the top of the RV, the slideouts, and other hard-to-reach places.

Add the Washing Pad for removing dirt, the Bug Pad for removing bugs and road grime, or the Chenille Pad for general dusting or applying a spray wax. The RV Drying Towel can also be attached to the Velcro for additional drying/detailing.

The 4 in 1 mop uses a standard (ACME) thread that will attach to most extension poles.

Optional Pads are available


Weight 12 oz
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